What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News]

The [Islamic State]?

What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News] [Islamic State] (IS), the Islamic organization that has been active in the region spanning Iraq and Syria. 0 date, caliph of Sunni based on Islamic law sing the construction of (Islam founder Muhammad's legitimate successor) system Islamic state, supreme leader Abu Bakr bug Daddy declared a national establishment. Bagudadi is referred to as the new caliph himself, was determined allegiance to the Sunni Muslims of the world. However, the international community is not recognized as an independent nation, neighboring Muslim countries also risk view and threats undermine the safety of the region, and developed a strategy towards the [Islamic State] eradication. Or taken hostage foreigners, is carried out terrorist activities around the world are many radical a brutal action and or issued a crime statement, was also strong obedience with fear rule by slavery introduction and execution for the residents and it is said.

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