What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News]

Is the first times [religion] as seen from the point of ...

What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News] 0 years 0 days, became the worst result that [Islamic countries] occurs and the incident to request $ 100 million hostage's Japanese, is killing both people to up to date. With regard to this matter, we respectfully express condolences. This column is, before this incident occurs, Islamic studies in a professional, is what had to ask to Kenichiro Takao teacher there you also research experience in Syria and Saudi Arabia. For information about the Islamic countries], you can see many reports that extremism population that effective control in the Middle East of some areas. As [Islamic countries] is not received typical and of religion that [state], or [Islam], has come out a move called a [ISIL (Iraq and the Levant of Islamic countries)]. From the determination of the brutal action and [Islamic] and should not be equated, Tomosureba might side is often overlooked in the Islamic countries] as a religious group. So, rather than on the side of the extremist group, tried to attention from the religious point of view on the nature of the [Islamic countries].

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