What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News]

The people of the figures to participate in the [Jihad] ...

What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News] Why 0 youths left the Swiss, what was about to enter the extremist organization [Islamic State (IS)]. Its part of the reason to reveal research report last month, was announced. Researchers have emphasized the need for support for relatives of young people to be committed to IS. Jihad (holy war) to many conventional study of young people to participate, whereas has focused on safety, this time published research report focused on their family circumstances and social background ing. It went the study, research team of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences Social Welfare. [I was went to war for the purpose of jihad] that federal intelligence agencies knows were examined for people. From the point of view of protecting personal information, investigate all of the subjects of the information but could not be obtained, 00-year age of the person who is registered in the federal intelligence agencies, hometown, it is possible to obtain information on religion, etc. It was. Although at present people are registered in the same institution, who are additionally registered to post it has not been the subject of research.

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