What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News]

Iran to limit the freedom of expression is the "Islamic ...

What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News] International caricature contest on the theme of criminal acts of extremist organization [Islamic State] (IS) has recently been held in Iran. Iran to the state religion of Islam Shiites, is said to be in a hostile relationship with IS that are extremists of the Sunni. We tried to consider the purpose behind held from officials of speech and media around the contest. The contest multiple of Art Association is organized, it was carried out in the department. Nails in the department in which the crime of IS to the theme, nails person department abhorrent. According to the state-owned broadcasting Iran radio, some held purpose Hatsu. IS has condemned the criminal acts that are carried out in Syria and Iraq-controlled areas, possible to spread culture of resistance. And, that he can make the foundation of dialogue with Iran and other countries artists of exchange. However, from the work of Iran radio articles and contests, also seen another purpose. IS itself, as well as the United States Iran is the enemy, would be to accuse [are manipulating the IS for its own interests] Gulf countries such as Israel and Qatar.

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