What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News]

World 0 large terrorist organizations, financial strength ranking ...

What is the [Islamic State]? [Social News] Month Paris terrorist attacks since the occurrence of the occurrence of further terrorist attacks in various parts of the world has been a concern. Even people in California of welfare facilities to date have been killed shootings, FBI has concluded that it is the person that suspect had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). Revealed that complete the investigation. Whether the Islamic countries, but is to be funded approximately 000 million US dollars a year, we have the financial power of the extent to which other terrorist groups. Here was ranking in the financial strength order the forces of the world's terrorist groups. . Islamic State (ISIS): 0 Oku Doru ISIS is the history of most financial power of a terrorist organization. Annual income 0 billion dollars (, billion yen), has estimated 0 billion by analysts. The main funding sources: oil sales, kidnapping, hostage, security costs, taxes, bank robbery, and looting. The ultimate goal: Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and the establishment of [Islamic State] over to Palestine, the region and the Crusaders (Christians), holy war against the Jews.

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